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What Guys Think of Your Hairstyle

You recognize that puzzled look that men sometimes show on thier faces. You know, the one that silently squeaks out, “I guess that look is in right now?” Well, that look could be a result of our awesome beauty choices, or at least the decisions that we assume are awesome. Let’s face it, often times our hairstyles are meant to please the ladies or ourselves, or simply get us from point A to point B. Other times, our hair is simply as dreamy to him as it is to us.

Check out the “male response” to several everyday hair styles that women select.

– A mullet is not for every day wear.

– Very short hair sends a message of a low-maintenance vibe.

– Sporting your natural hair texture is hot.

– Bobby-pinned hair styles aren’t always as sweet as we tend to assume.

– Long, wavy hair is both attractive and family friendly.

– A tidy bob echoes power player.

– Unique hair accessories make you stand out from the crowd.

– A sloppy top-knot can appear too unfinished.

– Knit hair accessories show off your cozy side – which is a good thing.

– Air-dried hair makes him imagine showers…and of course, sleepovers.

– Medium length hair displays your even temper.

– If you want to accomplishr girly, go for a basic braid.

– Spiky pixie cuts look like you’re missing your better half.

– Very long hair can be intimidating.

What a guy thinks about a woman's hairstyle

Remember women, men actually notice you. Even when you’re thinking that they do not. Be certain that they indeed do. Therefore when you get that inkling to try to do something experimental with your hair, ask yourself this question; who are you choosing this hairstyle for, him, or you?