Top Beauty and Fashionable Haircuts for 2012

First there is spring. And then comes summer. And before you know it, vacations have ended and autumn has arrived. But don’t fret, you can still look fashionable and cute even though the seasons are changing, and wardrobes are shifting.

Just as the weather is starting to cool down, hair style trends are heating up. New fashion hair is always a sure fire way to enhance your appearance. Fall is the perfect season to spice up your appearance. Summer has ended, but beauty trends are just beginning. Whether it’s back to school, or back to work, we will help you “turn heads” with our recommendations of fashion hairstyles.

1. The wet look

This style has alwas been a crowd pleaser. And it couldn’t be easier to achieve. There is something sexy about a woman who has just stepped out of the shower. So fresh and so clean!

2. Bangs and pins

As in bangs with either bobby pins or clips. Show off your sense of expression by wearing fancy clips. Choose colorful clips or creatively inspired clips to add a special flair to your style. And if the clips don’t do the trick, well then you’ll have to depend on the bangs. Who doesn’t love bangs. Bada bing, bada bang!

3. Mid parts

The hot new trend is a simple as the name sounds. A part down the middle. It says sophistication and clean…but with a hidden sense of sexy. Not overdone, the mid part impresses with it’s ease of style. Go ahead, play the part girl!

4. Braided tails

Bring out your inner child. Go back to the days when you longed for someone to braid your hair. Well you’re all grown up now, and you’re able to do it yourself. So go ahead, turn your hairstyle into an inspire creation simply by adding a french braid. Or maybe a fishtail braid. Experiment with different woven patterns. You’ll be amazed at the attention your new look will garner.

5. The retro boof

Big hair is back. And just in time for you to get in on this trending fashion. Pick it out, and let it live free. Whether you call it a puff, a bun, or a poof, this style has become popular again. Calling all women. Turn your boring hairstyle into a refreshing fashion statement. Be risky, be inspired, and most of all, be retro.

And now you are armed with the fashion secrets that are trending in the beauty industry. Enjoy your hair and all the many creations that you can do. And remember, fashion is ever changing, so keep yourself up to date on all the trending hair and fashion styles by continuing to read our blog.

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