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Top 5 Trending Hairstyles for Women

Hairdressing styles have always been a telling sign of current fashion trends. There are popular styles that are more run-of-the-mill, and then there are the rick takers who push the envelope.

chignons hairstyle

If you are not quite the risk taker, you may want to opt for some styles that are trending now. Get safe hairdressing ideas that are stylish and fashionably chic.

Is your hairstyle outdated, or are you simply looking for a new and fresh look? Well then you have come to the right place. We compiled a list of the Top 5 trending hairstyles in fashion today.

The pony hairstyle

Trending hairstyle #1: The pony

Is the ponytail trendy? Yes, and even as well-liked as it’s become in the world of fashion, it can be just as impressive in real life. Practice and play with completely different textures. Tease it (grab sections; run comb rapidly up and down) for a sexy weekend look. Or go sleek for work by using a glosser and making a low pony. Also keep in mind to use a bands that stop snags.

Trending hairstyle #2: Big curls

Large swooping curls are classically romantic. Twist the curling iron from the ends of hair up (sort of like a hot roller); hold for fifteen seconds; release. Then brush the curls out simply on the surface to break them up, add some shine cream and then gaze happily at yourself in the mirror.

Work that side part! Toss hair over your shoulder for a retro-glam look. Red lipstick doesn’t hurt either. Maybe add some sheen for additional style. Nice on short hair, too. Just use a smaller iron to get curls – but don’t go too close to your part.

the bob cut hairstyle

Trending hairstyle #3: The bob

The boyishliy short bob cut is very in demand, so much so that discount salons have mastered them. Ask for a cut that’s short at the nape of the neck and longer on the top and sides. To style it sleek, blow-dry, then run a flatiron down your hair. If you wish to make your bob piecey or wavy, scrunch in a cream.

Then pick a bang, any bang. Sideswept, choppy, chunky – they all look great with an itty-bitty bob. Straighten up with a flatiron or for waves, try adding texturizing cream. If you would like fullness, lather up with a conditioner that boost body, and make sure it’s formulated to be extra mild on color-treated or relaxed hair if necessary. If you would like softness, try using a moisturizing shampoo. It can soften your hair to make it stunning in even the colder winter months.


Trending hairstyle #4: Chignons

The chignons style is hair with a split temperament. Being crisp in front, yet romantically full in back. This can be a great thing. Begin with a ponytail, and then crimp or braid it. Is your hair shorter? Then use clip-in extensions to increase length. There’s no need to spend pricey on extensions, bargain ones can work fine. Twist the tail all the way around the base and pin. Finish with a frizz fighter.

Be sure to hide any bobby pins behind your ears and at your nape. To get the front neat and sophisticated, add some silkening cream

Fast and simple technique – Make a ponytail, then pull hair only halfway through the band.

Trending hairstyle #5: Mid-parts

Centered styles appear natural and chic at once. To get hair all schoolgirl straight, apply gel to towel-dried strands, draw a middle part with a comb, blow hair dry in sections with a big, round brush and do a once-over with a flatiron. If you would like waves insteadalternately, scrunch mousse into damp hair and create your part. Twist strands into ropy spirals, blow-dry on low (or air-dry) and rake your fingers through.

Remember, nobody wants to see bumps. To handle bumps, clamp the iron gently and quickly slide down to avoid crimps.

Our style recommendation is to dress it up. Wrap a bit of hair around the base; and pin.