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To Hair or Not to Hair

Deciding whether to enter the beauty industry should involve careful consideration. Specifically, if you want to be a hairdresser, you should recognize both the positives and negatives that come with this career choice.

Positive Attributes of a Hairdresser Career

1. You will in essence get to “play” with peoples hair all day long. You can imagine, create, and style until your hearts content and be rewarded for making someone look great.

2. Another great thing is that most people will feel great if they look great, so you will bring people joy in this line of work.

3. With a happy customer comes a returned visit. If you can ensure that your customer leaves happy, you will feel secure in knowing that they will return, and maybe even refer you to their friends.

4. Building relationships through conversation with customers. While completing the services of a customer, you will often time converse with them. You may even have a little gossip session about the latest rumors. These relationships help strengthen the loyalty of the client.

Negative Attributes of a Hairdresser Career

1. Hairdressers are on their feet most of the time. You will often be standing for the entire day which will be nearly 8 hours.

2. The cleanup can be mundane and tedious. The amounts of hair that have been cut over the course of a day can be large amount. This hair must be cleaned up and disposed of.

3. Long days of standing will result in achy feet and a tired body and soul. On the brighter side, it may be a good excuse to treat yourself to a foot massage.

4. Unhappy customers can be a drag. As I am sure you are aware, everybody has been the victom of a bad haircut at some point in their life. Well imagine what the hairdresser feels like. Knowing that they were the one to cause such unhappiness is a burden of itself. I cases like this, it is recommended that you always try and rectify the situation so that you ultimately have a happy customer.

5. Fixing a bad haircut, or making a customer happy might involve proving services at no charge. Sometime services are performed or supples are given for free as a sort of apology for something gone wrong. Just remember that losing money for 1 apology service is better than losing the customer’s business forever.