Simple Everyday Hairstyles

In today’s modern world, beauty and fashion are often the determining factors when judging the external appearance of a woman. Whether it’s makeup or a simple everyday hairstyle, a woman’s appearance is her first impression, and thus it should be a good one if at all possible.

fishtail braid hairstyle

A professionally styled hairdo is definately a way to achieve fashionable hairstyle. But this route can be costly. There are also simple everyday hairstyle options that are not only easy, but will achieve looks ranging from classy and elegant to cute and flirty to hot and sexy.

There’s no need to overthink your fashion. Why become obsessed with hot hairstyles, or sexy haircuts. Not all occasions require top hairstyles, or layered hairstyles. It’s the simple hairstyles that often impress because they send a message that you are down to earth and an “everyday person” like the rest of us. Simple everyday hairstyles allow you to shortcut your way to fashion and beauty elegance.

1. Fishtail Braid

Classical, cute, and best of all, simple. Seperate hair into two sections, and begin braiding the hair in a fishtail pattern. The thinner the strands of hair, the more defined the braid will be.

2. The Side Pony

This popular look never gets old. It’s the traditional ponytail, with a little side flavor. Tease the hair up before gathering it into a ponytail on the side of the head. Secure it with a hair band, and if needed, tease it up for style.

3. Messy Bun

As easy as easy gets. Although the bun has historically been considered a frumpy look, not in today’s fashion. Remember, beauty and style are as much about personality as they are appearance. So wear your messy bun with confidence.

4. Classy Knot

Part the hair at the center. Secure it. Start coiling it up. Wrap it around the base. All done. The classy knot is a fabulous look for women with longer hair. Send the right message with your hairstyle; the message that you’ve got class AND style.

5. The Side Bun

Just in case you wanted to get fancy with the bun. Not your ordinary bun. Not even a messy bun. Just a simple little side bun and heads will turn when you enter the room. This simple everyday hairstyle says “perky, cute, and fun.” So which are you? Perky, cute, or fun? How about all three!

fishtail braid hairstyle

  messy bun hair style

classy knot hair style

  everyday side ponytail

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