Hairstyles for Women Over 40

Hair fashions come in many sizes and shapes, but not all hairstyles look good on all people. There are recommended fashion tips regarding hairstyles for woman over 40, hairstyles for women over 50, or to be more broad, hairstyles for older women.

hairstyles women over 40

Layered Bangs

This sweet care free look offers a pseudo-sophisticated vibe. It’s the simplicity that says “hey I’m laid back, but I’m still classy.”



When choosing a hairstyle, a woman should consider a few things. Such considerations can be the difference between your new hairstyle being gorgeous and beautiful, or a “missed-the-mark” experiment gone wrong. A punk style haircut has become popular among women, however, a punk stye haircut would not be a good choice for a woman over 40. Hairstyles for women over 40 still offer choices, and we’ve compiled a list of such hairstyles.

Age appropriate fashion hairstyles

The Flippy with Subtle Highlights

Just the tight amount of class. The highlights add just the right touch to make this hot hairstyle a choice of the older woman.


Beautiful hair styles are waiting for you. Sexy haircuts and beauty trends that cater to mature women are emerging. Whether it’s simple everday hairstyles, or classy layered hairstyles, embrace your age and refine your appearance by choosing a fashionable haircut that makes you bold, confident, and most of all beautiful.

Medium hair styles for women over 40

The Medium Bob

Often considered bangs, it’s the the older woman that makes it a bob. Bangs are seen as a yonger hairstyle, so as a mature woman, the medium bob adds a great shape which adds dimension around the face.

beauty hair styles

Sweeping Waves

This gorgeous hairstyle is stunning. The voluminous curls create a whimsical and clasical look. This look is perfect for darker hair colors.


hairstyles for fine hair

Shoulder Length Layers

This popular hairstyle for older woman showcases a lift at the crown and provides good shape throughout the entire style. A fairly easy hairstyle that is perfect for going out.

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