Hairstyles for Teenagers

Calling all young girls! We’ve got fashion tips, beauty secrets, and hairstyle advice for today’s teenager. Whether it’s hairstyles with bangs, or simple easy hairstyles for school, we compiled a list of cute hairstyles for teenagers.

short bob haircut for teenagers

Popular hairstyles for teenagers are always changing. They are often influenced by fashion ideas. THe best hair styles are those that are easy, cute, and best of all, unique. Even if a lot of people have hairstyles with bangs, you can be different in the way tou style your hairdo. By adding layers with angled cuts, you can add a youthful. Often times, shorter cuts are perfect hairstyles for teenagers.

Below is our list of teenage hairstyle recommendations.

1. The Pixie
The Pixie haircut is a cute, short, and cropped hair style. It’s fun vibe makes it perfect for teenage girls. This style helps accentuate the facial features. Make the boys heads turn as you walk down the hall at school!

2. The Short Bob
This dreamy crop never gets old. Whether it slopes to the left or to the right, show off your personality by making your short bob cut unique. Add some layers, or even add some highlights. Your artistic expression will personify your youth. Be young, and be cute!

ponytail hairstyle for teenagers

3. The Funky Pony
Funk-tify your hairdo by putting a spin on the age old ponytail. Anyone can wrap their hair in a rubberband, but show them how you do it. The side-pony, and even the top-pony are becoming more and more popular. But if you’re rally looking to get funky, go with the double-pony. One on each side, and show your eternal youth by going “hi-low”. Wear the left side pony a little higher than the right. So so funk-tified!

4. The Good Girl
Nobody likes a bad girl…or do they. Either way, a good girl hairdo always pleases. The radiant vibe of heavy or soft layers will provide the perfect frame for your cute teenage face. Show off your creative skills by sweeping your locks to the side for that chic good girl look. Are you a good girl?


sleek bangs hairstyle for teens

5. Sleek Bangs
Super-sleek bangs are quite fashionable. They’re simply irresistible. This cute hairstyle has become popular amoung high school aged girls. Fortunately, it works with all face shapes. The fringe nature of this style will inject definition into your short hairdo. You are certain to notice the attention that this hairstyle will garner. Complete your new look by adding a small amount of shine serum. Wah-lah…perfect short trimmed locks!

6. The Short Choppy
For those who want to go glam. The new teenage trend in hairstyling is this short choppy haircut. Multi-layers and asymmetry help capture a fun, flirty, and youthful vibe. The natural movement of your hair will ensure that you get noticed. Don’t be shy…be bold!

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