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Hairdressing Salary Information

The amount of money that a hairdresser can make will often vary. It is difficult to predict how much a hairdresser can make.

If you choose to accept average numbers, then you can reference the median salary of a hairdresser. Keep in mind that this number can represent part-time stylists. And don’t forget, it can also represent poorly motivated stylists, or stylists who work in lesser costing salons.

As mentioned, a lesser end salon can charge $15 for a cut, and possibly end up costing up to $50 with extras. This is definately the lower end of salary earnings because you will be an employee of the salon and make an hourly wage.

If you have worked you way up to a high-end exclusive salon, you might make a percentage of the sale which can be in the hundreds of dollars. As you can see, there is more potential to earn a higher salary in a high-end salon.

If your truly motivated, you can open you own salon. This is going to be the route for maximum earnings. As the salon owner, you will now make money on all services the salon provides. This means that you will earn money while employing other hairdressers.

But as we mentioned before, if you are interested in the salary numbers, read on. According to, as of February 2010, the median salary of hairdressers with 1-4 years of experience was $24,248.

There are other factors that can provide for higher earnings as well. Being a private hairdresser to exclusive clientele often pays a high salary. Also, working in the film, television, and modeling industry will have higher salaries if you are working for established clientele.