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Hairdresser Skills and Duties

The skills of a hairdresser consist of cutting hair, or shaping and styling hair. These skills require the use of tools such as scissors, combs, brushes, curling irons, curlers and hair dryers. They often times apply a post styling gel, or add coloring or streaks of color for additional effect.

While working with a client, or upon finishing work with a client, a hairdresser may advise the client on how to care for their new hair style at home.

Hairdressers who manage or run their own business will have other duties that they perform.They will need to supervise their workers and manage the work environment. They will be responsible for maintaining an adequate supply of products to keep the business efficient. And last but not least, they will maintain account billing and salon inventory records.

It is important for a hairdresser to posess an eye for creativity and beauty. Next is the requirement to implement the design with the skill and talent of your trained and gifted hands. Finally, developing and nurturing the client relationship is key. Good people skills and a focus on satisfying and pleasing your client is a must.

This will create that “magical” relationship that every hairdresser wants with their client. It will ensure that the clients returns for future business.