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Education Requirements for Hairdressers

The education requirements for becoming a hairdresser include training at a postsecondary public vocational school or private beauty school. These types of training schools have certificate programs in hairstyling. It can also consist of other forms of personal appearance training, often referred to as a cosmetology program.

Certain high schools may also offer hairdressing courses. In some cases, a high school may have an association with a vocational or trade school where you can begin training for your specific trade while still in high school.

A hairdressing program is normally completed within nine months. There will be beginner courses that are designed to teach the basic techniques for coloring, styling, cutting, and it will generally cover the chemicals used in styling and the methods of sanitation or clean up.

When you progress to the advanced courses, you will begin to learn more in-depth knowledge pertaining to hairdressing. Topics like state laws and regulations, and salon management will be covered.

While doing your in-school training, relatively little course time is spent performing actual hairdressing work or skills. That is because much of the study or training time is done while working with fake or artificial hair.

After receiving a certificate for completion of the program, you will be certified to become a hairdresser. You must now get licensed and then begin your search for employment.