Cute Prom Haircuts

Cute adorable prom haircut


Hairdressing styles for prom

It’s that time of year again. It’s time to get dressed up, and have your night out on the town. And nothing will make your prom night better than if you are looking your best. And that means cute and hot. Make all the boys heads turn, and watch your prom date get jealous. But he shouldn’t be jealous, he should be proud that he was the lucky one.

The first step to looking cute and hot is deciding on what style of haircut you will wear. A transformative aircut can take you from geek to chic. Or maybe you don;t need such a drastic transformation, maybe you just need a little refresher, or makeover. Either way, we compiled a list of cute prom haircuts that are sure to inspire your special night.

1. Cute and Adorable Updo

Gone are the days where the updo is a formal look. Nowadays, the updo is considered a modern and adorable fashion look. They are even more popular with girls with longer length hair. Pull hair together and up at the back of the head instead of at the nape of the neck. You can even pull from the top, and instead of leaving the your hair perfectly smooth, pull several pieces of hair out and it will frame your face.

Looks like you’ll be the prettiest girl at the prom!

2. Flirty Loose Waves

Flirty loose waves are exceptionally cute! And, they are extremely easy to style. Even though the preparation is a breeze, your appearance will look “put together”. Prep for your waves the night before by wearing a few foam rollers while sleeping. You can also set the waves by adding mouse and wearing the rollers in wet hair. After you remove the rollers, brush through the curls and mist your hair with a flexible styling spray.

Ain’t no party like a loose wave party!

3. Ponytail to the Side

Can you rock it like this? This is simple, fun, and flirty. A different twist on the age old ponytail. Gather hair, and secure with a hair band at the nape of the neck, slightly to one side. Add a little flavor by wearing it with a middle or side part, or, keep it simple by wearing it with all the hair pulled back.

Who rocked the prom….you did!

4. The Face Framing Cut

An excellent choice for short hair. This style provides a variety of options for cute looks. You can opt for a polished look, or leave the hair slightly windswept for that playful vibe. And the nice thing is that it’s easy to pull off. First, blow dry your hair while using a diffuser. Second, create a side part. Third, brush the ends of the hair in towards the face and apply a few pumps of a flexible hold styling spray.

Smile, you’re prom night will be captured in photos!

5. Relaxed Curls

This cute look is reminiscent of a summer beach look. This is a popular choice of girls with medium to long length hair. Start with a large barrel curling iron and day old hair. To create large curls, make sure you concentrate on the middle and ends of the hair. Once the hair cools, finger comb through the curls. Finish it off by applying a small amount of texturizing product.

Nothing like a little curl, to rock your swirl!

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