Alaska Occupational License Information

In order to get licensed as a hairdresser, within the state of Alaska, students are required to complete the State of Alaska Occupational Licensing exam. When obtaining an Alaska cosmetology license, there is no specific requirement with regard to schooling other than that you complete your coursework at an Alaska cosmetology school.

As stated by the Alaska State Board of Cosmetology, to acquire an AK cosmetology license, one must have attended an Alaska cosmetology school or when transferring into the state, the AK Board of Cosmetology, requires you to satisfy their guidelines. After completing your training, you’re required to pass a licensing exam issued by the Alaska State Board of Cosmetology. Upon passing you’ll receive your Alaska cosmetology license. You are now ready to work in the state of Alaska.

Keep in mind, simply as a result of receiving your AK cosmetology license you will want to think about continuing education to get full utilization from your AK cosmetology license.

Note: All applications should be submitted to the Alaska Division of Occupational Licensing. For additional info|, contact them at:

P.O. Box 110806
Juneau, AK 99811-0806
(907) 465-2550
(907) 465-2974 (Fax)

The Alaska Division of Occupational Licensing will assist you with replacing a lost cosmetology license, updating a modification of name or amendment of address, and acquiring out-of-state and other helpful forms, in addition to answering further questions about getting an Alaska cosmetology license.

State of Alaska Occupational Licensing Work Hour Requirements:

Barber: 1650 hours
Hairdresser: 1650 hours (hairdresser license includes limited esthetics, manicuring and pedicuring)
Esthetician: 350 hours
Manicurist: 120 hours
Advanced Manicurist Endorsement: 250 hours
Cosmetician: 350 hours
Tattoo and Permanent Cosmetic Coloring: 380 hours
Body Piercing: 1000 hours
State of Alaska Occupational Licensing Fees:

Hairdresser $135- Biennial renewal $135
Esthetician $135- Biennial renewal $135
Manicurist $135- Biennial renewal $135
Advanced manicurist endorsement $50
Instructor $195- Biennial renewal $195
Shop owner license $175- Biennial renewal $175

An applicant must have completed 1650 hours in a comparable state. Alaska can grant credit for work experience (500 hours for every year in the field). Note: A cosmetologist in Alaska might solely do facial, hair removal and make-up. A hairdresser only works with the hair. Two licenses would be needed to do all of these services.

Owner’s License:
Shop owners aren’t required to take an exam for a shop license, however the shop must either be a licensed practitioner or should employ a manager who is a licensed practitioner. A licensed shop must meet sanitary health regulations and can not be in a private residence unless the shop is located in a separate area apart from the living quarters.

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